Tractor Trolley

Tractor trolley is an attachment to the tractor. Since the sitting portion of tractor is limited, it does not provide space for carrying crop produce. Once reaping is done, transporting it the nearest storage area requires a fast medium. Trolley equipped tractor can be of great help in carrying the crop to the destined warehouse. If manually done, transportation of ready crops could have taken months, posing threat to the safety and utility of the crop. Thus, the trolley attached truck is lifeline to all the farmers.

Tractor trolley from Shiv Shakti can be helpful in various activities:

  • It is useful for carrying fruits packages like grape boxes, apples, pomegranates etc to the nearest storage room from the field.
  • Fertilizers to the field can also be carried using Shiv Shakti trolleys.
  • It is also instrumental in carrying produce to the market for selling.
  • Some farmers and constructors too require tractor trolley for carrying clay, and other construction materials to the site.
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Features of Shiv Shakti Tractor Trolley

Tractor trolley offers unmatched convenience and reduces effort in moving crop produce from field to warehouse and also from warehouse to the market. This attachment makes tractor a multipurpose vehicle. The main features of Shiv Shakti Tractor Trolley are:

  • It can carry tons of crop in one go. 3 tons, 4 tons and likewise are the variants with different capacities.
  • It is a heavy built vehicle part and is quite robust in make.
  • We have tractor trolley that have customized back opening.
  • Some of our tractor trolleys come with hydraulic pump too.

Minimum order Quantity: 1 Unit

Benefits of Shiv Shakti Tractor Trolley

  • Sturdy Design
  • High strength
  • Carrying capacity in tons
  • Maintenance-free part

How to order

We, at Shiv Shakti, take orders on +91 99815 08101 | +91 80858 89326 and We also respond to each and every customer reaching us through contact form.