Toto Panja

Toto Panja is cultivator category equipment. It is attached to the back of the tractor. The main function of this equipment is to help plough the field tremendously fast. Users can just sit on the tractor and the sharp ends resembling a hand with large nails make the rows for planting seeds as the vehicle moves. Shiv Shakti Toto Panja is liked a lot and is in high demand because:

  • It has longer functional span
  • It is rust-proof
  • It exhibits great resilience
  • It possesses high tensile strength
  • It is quite easy to use

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Toto Panja. Our products are made using the industry approved materials and manufacturing regulations. The quality test procedures are stringent and lots of resilience tests are also done at our units to ensure that only the best quality reaches the end users.

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TOTA PUNJA - Shiv Shakti Agriculture Implements