Land Leveller

Land leveler is the reliable and convenient farming equipment used for leveling the land. At Shiv Shakti, you can find the best quality land levelers having sturdy make and functional ease. Our collection is versatile and comprises of a variety of levelers popular among farmers. We are premier dealers of various types of land levelers such as:

  • Rear Terracer
  • Blade Land Leveler
  • Laser guided land leveler
  • Heavy Duty Land Leveler
  • Reversible land leveler

Main Features of Shiv Shakti Land Leveler

  • Sturdy Design
  • Rust-resistant body
  • Easy digging sharp blades
  • Industry grade manufacturing
Land Leveller - Shiv Shakti Agriculture Implements

Why you need Shiv Shakti Land levelers

Farming needs equipment that reduces effort and increase output. Land levelers are helpful in:

  • Managing crops better
  • Easy preparation of the ground for sowing
  • Eradication of weeds
  • Consistent leveling of soil
  • Simplifying irrigation

So, land levelers from Shiv Shakti are the dependable option for preparing the ground for cultivation. Right from sowing the seeds to reaping the crop, this equipment helps farmers in all those stages of farming where consistent leveling of the soil with added accuracy is required.

Benefits of various types of land levelers

  • Trace blade or rear blade is helpful in various tasks such as snow removal, land digging for construction and others
  • Heavy duty land levelers can be useful in cleaning and filling of farmyards
  • Reversible land levelers ease the job of back filling, carrying the soil in mess-free manner and it complements sticky types of soils perfectly.
  • Laser control levelers speed up the process of seeding, planting, crop weeding etc.

So, executives at Shiv Shakti are eager to hear from you. Kindly contact us for equipment requirement on phone(+91 99815 08101 | +91 80858 89326) or you can also write to us at