Thresher or combined harvester does the job of separating seeds from the chaff. This equipment can be used across multiple types of crops such as maize, gram, wheat, soybean and various others. The main jobs performed by ShivShakti Threshers are – de-husking and shelling of Maize, paddy threshing, and few others. This multi-purpose farming equipment comes with tires to enable effortless moving.

Apart from tires, the other main feature comprises of feeding table. The machine is also complemented by a number of accessories such as sieves and concaves. These accessories make the job of separating chaff easier.

Some of our threshers are power based, while others are provided with external power source such as 2-wheel tractor.


  • Weight – up to 400 kgs
  • Output – up to 1000 kgs
  • Power – No internal power source present
  • Tires – may or may not be present

How Thresher Works

Crop is fed into the thresher through feeder tray. An in-built blower separates the crop into the grains and straw. Outlet of the machine yields separated grains while the chaff is blown away.

Farming is made pretty easier with ShivShakti thresher as it promises minimal waste and cleaner way of producing quality grains. Contact us for further details!


Thresher - Shiv Shakti Agriculture Implements