C Model Cultivator

C Model Cultivator or 9 tine cultivator is a heavy duty vehicle. It is an attachment to the vehicle. It does the job of turning all types of soil with unmatchable ease. Soil preparation needs a lot many jobs to be done. Doing all those jobs can require lot of labor as well as effort. So, making the process of preparing the soil with fewer efforts can make farming easier and help farmers achieve more production targets per year.

Shiv Shakti C Model Cultivator can perform multiple functions such as:

  • Creating furrows
  • Easy cultivating
  • Clean ridging
  • Uniform and deep loosening.

All these actions help prepare soil fast and in uniform manner with added accuracy. The chances of ripening of seeds and their growing into crop are increased considerably when the soil is prepared with perfection and in uniform manner. This is what Shiv Shakti C Model Cultivator helps farmers with.

C MODEL CULTIVATOR - Shiv Shakti Agriculture Implements

Main features of Shiv Shakti C Model Cultivator

Shiv Shakti C Model Cultivator is robustness and quality exemplified. Its main features are:

  • Robust design
  • User-friendly structure
  • Easily adjustable according to the function
  • Maintenance-free part
  • Highly efficient
  • Fully reliable

How to order Shiv Shakti C Model Cultivator

Minimum order quantity is 1. You can request for quote by filling our order form. We are also reachable at email ID and phone no. Our executives understand your requirement first and then suggest the best solution. Come to us for high quality C Model Cultivator and buy yourself convenience and better output by taking the efforts off the farming with our reliable equipment range.